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It's Troubleshooting Tuesday: The #1 Best Strategy to Stop Making Mistakes

As your business grows and client work flows, the opportunity for mistakes to happen unfortunately grows too. Ugh!! Mistakes such typos seem commonplace in today's speed-typing world, but even a small typo can be the difference between getting a new client and being passed up (especially when it comes to numbers). Beyond typos, as your business grows and you begin adding team members, the opportunity for costly mistakes increases exponentially, but fortunately, there is an easy to implement fix to avoid most missteps: CHECKLISTS.



QB Checklist.jpg


Checklists are a simple yet powerful tool to ensure that client work is perfect or very close to it before you hit submit or send, and the best part is that they can be created quickly and updated easily as required.


Here are a few best practices to create powerful checklists in your business:


1) Create your first checklists in the areas where you are making the most mistakes. End the error hot spots by starting there. This will save you time and make you money, so do this ASAP.


2) Create your checklists on a sharable doc so others can access it easily. Even if today you're a team of one, you will most likely add team members in the near future, and being able to share your checklists easily will be a lifesaver.


3) Update your checklists often. Processes change, so book a recurring monthly date with yourself to update your checklists as required. There's nothing worse than having to update a pile of checklists all at one time, so commit to keeping them current and you'll be so happy that you did.


4) BONUS TIP: Over time, create checklists for all key areas of your business to create an operations manual. Not only will this help you train new people efficiently, it will make your business more valuable in an eventual sale.  #WINWIN.


YOUR TURN!  REPLY and tell me what you think about checklists. Do you have them, use them, wish you had them, or don't think they're for you?   Let me know what you think and we can make a master checklist of all the replies!! HeeHee... Bad checklist humor!  :)

Standing by! J 



and @Pen, what's your take on checklists?