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It's Troubleshooting Tuesday: Facebook Ads... Friend or Foe?

Momentumers, lead generation is the only way to scale to a million, so unless clients are begging to hire you to the toon of a million dollars in annual revenue - you have to learn how to generate consistent lead flow, and like it or not Facebook ads are your fastest path to lead generation cash. 


So tell me, have you tried paid advertising on Facebook or other social platforms? If so, what was your experience?

QB Social Ads.jpg

 Social advertising can be tricky, but if mastered, can be the exact lever to pull - all the way to a million or more! In my personal experience, once I mastered my audiences, copy, and offer, that's when consistent leads began to flow. 


REPLY and let me know what you experience has been so far. Have you been successful? Are you frustrated? Are you ready to try but aren't sure where to start?  Send me your thoughts and questions and let's get you into the lead generation fast lane ASAP!


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