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Re: It's Troubleshooting Tuesday: Facebook Ads... Friend or Foe?

@Peter_G_Stone wrote:

I have not used Facebook ads, but I definitely intend to increase this firm's exposure and using FB will be part of the marketing campaign. I have heard both positive and negative results from clients on the use of FB ads... However, like someone said to me once "just because you had your heart broke once, doesn't mean you stop dating!" 


GREAT attitude @Peter_G_Stone! Facebook ads ARE tricky and they DO work when you get them right. Hiring a pro is a smart decision, so instead of spending a ton of time on DIY trial and error, you'll absolutely achieve success much faster with an expert.   


Also, the critical thing that people don't consider when running ads is the lifetime value of a potential client - even on an annual basis.  If a client has an annual spend of $3K or more with you, it makes EXCELLENT SENSE to spend $100 or even a little more for a qualified lead. Most people try to get cheap clicks and then wonder why their FB ad spend seems like a waste, when the real miss was that they were not using the RIGHT STRATEGY. 


Let me know when you are ready to hit GO on ads to start scaling, and I'll point you in the right direction. CONSISTENT LEAD GEN is EVERYTHING when scaling, so I love that you are planning for this in the future!  J.