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Hi @Anonymous


Great topic today, I agree with you and @Peter_G_Stone about the true value each lead provides your business.  Over the years we have played with many different lead generation services and have had very positive results!


A couple years back, there was a new accounting specific lead generation company that we connected with would qualify each lead before it was passed through to our company.  As an early adopter, we were able to lock down all of Ventura County, CA with the company with the agreement we always got first right of refusal and paid $25.00 per lead.


Overall after the first six months with the company we had received about 10 paid leads which generated well over $20,000 in business.  Sounds too good to be true right? If you are not careful it can be!


After about six months I noticed that the total number of calls started to decrease and the quality of the leads we quickly declining too. So, I started to do a little homework and I discovered that the company had breached our initial agreement by adding more local accountants (which didn't bug me) but more importantly, they stopped qualifying the leads at all. Shortly after, we stopped all services with the company which has subsequently become an online bookkeeping company.


Now this story demonstrates the extreme value that a quality lead can provide your company as well as just how easy it is to spend your entire marketing budget without any ROI.  In the video response below, I wanted to demonstrate two different methods of lead generation and the information they provide. I hope this additional video acts as a value add to a great topic!




In closing, I would like to add one last opinion regarding lead generation.  While pay per click campaigns are an important part of every marketing campaign, they should not be the only lead generating activity a business focuses on.  Pay per click campaigns are very powerful to quickly increase your overall impressions, but once you turn off the budget, all that power goes away. 


I always say that pay per click is like renting your website, where search engine optimization is more like owning your site.  Think about what brought each of you reading this right now to the community, was it an ad you clicked on or were you on a quest for a specific answer?