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WEBINAR SCOOP! Strategic Business Plan Workshop Webinar Info is HERE for September 19th!

Quarterly Strategic Plan Workshop.savethedate.png


Join us on Wednesday, September 19th for a Quarterly Strategic Planning Workshop Webinar, aka how to rock the rest of 2018!!  And to make sure we accommodate EVERYONE (yes, bring a guest!) I will present the webinar live, 3 times that day! So no excuses for this can't-miss workshop! Here are the details:


WHAT:  Super Quarter Strategic Planning Workshop Webinar

WHEN: Wednesday, September 19th

TIMES: 9-9:30am, 11-11:30am & 6-6:30pm PACIFIC

WHERE: Via Webinar. Video link is  If you need to call in, dial +1-888-240-2560Meeting ID: 7101322669


Pick your time, or join for 2 or 3 sessions... and no registration required! 


During the workshop, we'll focus on:


*Optimizing your Q4 Vision

*Dialing in your Q4 Objectives

*Powering Up Your Q4 Strategies

*Locking in Your Q4 Action Steps

Plus a few surprising and special tools that will absolutely add rocket fuel to your success!!


Also, feel free to post questions on this thread and I will make sure to answer them during the workshop!!  


OK community, mark your calendars, bring your teams, and can't wait to see you (yes, on video!) there!!  J.