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OFFICE HOURS ARE >> STILL OPEN! Strategic Planning, Lead Generation, and More!

Part 2, 9/27: My schedule this week is wacky (just landed back in the Bay Area), so let’s keep these great questions and updates rolling... 


@lynda, got your PM - awesome! ;) ... 


@ElaineTay-TGW, are you picking up what I’m putting down about social media? :)


@Nolan28, how is your search for short-term capital going? Any new questions surface now that you’ve had a chance to sleep on it? 


Update me please and everyone else... Jump in!!  




Part 1, 9/26: Hi from 30,000 feet!! I'm literally in the air to meet up with the awesome QB Community team, but the show must go on!! Q4 is just around the corner, so REPLY with questions about your strategic plan, marketing plan, lead generation challenges or anything else that is keep you up at night 


I'll be on wifi again shortly and will answer each and everyone as always, post away and let's get you moving forward as quickly as possible! Standing, or more accurately, FLYING by! 


@Nolan28, lay it on me! are you progressing on your strategic plans?


@Peter_G_Stone@PracticalSandy@LeahIlanah@CMA - how has your week been?