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Re: OFFICE HOURS ARE OPEN! Strategic Planning, Lead Generation, and More!

Hey @ElaineTay-TGW!  The best time spent on social media is:


1) Inviting your ideal client to a private FB group

2) Running ads to grow that FB group

3) Posting and doing FB Lives 2 - 3 times a week to stimulate thought but NOT to fix things 

4) Then invite them for a consultation or conversation once a week or so


That's it!! Posting on on your business page hoping to get engagement is not a winning strategy! Even with a couple of thousand follows, you can still have crickets, so be strategic and instead of building fans... build a pipeline!! #leadsnotlikes!


Make sense? 



@ElaineTay-TGW wrote:

Hi Julie!

I really want to focus in on my social media marketing strategy but I don't want to live on my social media pages. What is the best way to create a simple but effective strategy? I want to build momentum but how do I get the people who share my content to come back and engage?

Thanks Julie!