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Re: OFFICE HOURS ARE OPEN! Strategic Planning, Lead Generation, and More!

@Nolan28 wrote:

Yes, sure I own a small healthcare staffing agency, so my clients are different facilities example nursing homes, clinics, smaller rural hospitals. Yes, so if someone emails or call me needing a Nurse aide, or nurses I have to try to fill that need. as of now I'm just contracting myself. I have no employees and the money that I generate from working have to go on regular expenses. I have only one office worker that help me with bringing clients in sealing the deals, did my website, and look over contracts and invoices for me. So, yes I need help.


@Nolan28, Got it. You have 2 clients - the healthcare facilities and a nursing team. What are you doing to bring in nursing staff? Are you concerned about overhead, and if so, can you bring them in as contractors? You are right - you have to STOP working IN the business or you will not be able to grow it. If your personal needs require that you keep the income, consider 1) raising your rates if the market will bear it and 2) try securing a small working capital loan (QuickBooks and PayPal have great programs) to get you over the hump. 


Are either one of these options for you? If not, I will add a few more... :)  Keep the faith!