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Re: OFFICE HOURS ARE OPEN! Strategic Planning, Lead Generation, and More!

@Nolan28 Sales and/or capital can solve most problems! You have to get a "staff bench" in place so when the contracts come in, you are not tempted to do the work yourself. I love tha you are going to also increase your rates because I want you to PAY YOURSELF FIRST so you will be further willing to forgo doing the work.


I know it feels like a chicken or the egg type issue, so if you can bring in capital so you can let others do the work and also pay your expenses, before you know it, you will be back on track! 


One more thing - where else can you identify nurses without spending money on ads? Indeed is a great strategy, but can be expensive. Is there an association you can tap into?


Keep me posted and tag me with questions @nolan28 because I'm here every day to help! J