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Re: OFFICE HOURS ARE OPEN! Strategic Planning, Lead Generation, and More!

I consider this a winning update @lynda!! Now if I can only get you to try that meditation... is a bribe required? ;) 



@lynda wrote:

Hi @Anonymous:  


I would love to tell you I pushed all my normal duties away and jumped head on to this, but NO! Wah!  I did do one step, but want to implement so much more of what we spoke about before Q4 is over.  But what I did accomplish is:


  1. I did type up my notes from your amazing Live event  (well, dictated into a Google doc) and then put it in logical order.
  2. Had a webinar on how wonderful it is to work with attorneys as clients, sponsored by the app Lean Law, today.
  3. I wrote an article on being mentored by a younger person  (right @ParkwayInc ? ) for Intuit's  Firm of the Future blog 

That sleep thing and meditation thing is still in the works!


Lynda  :cathappy: