Re: How to get new clients?

Thanks, @PARKWAY, and @lynda for sharing this video!  I highly recommend viewing this video if you get a chance as it includes several valuable tips which help fuel their success.  The topics covered are basically everything you can do to increase your digital business presence and how that, in turn, can fuel your client acquisition.  Topics discussed:


  • Creating videos and blog posts which include pictures whenever you can (see the video to hear about Lynda's unique picture that drove the most views).
  • Answering questions on the Intuit Community
  • Make sure your ProAdvisor profile is published
  • Asking your clients for Google reviews
  • Asking prospective clients how they found you
  • The benefits and using Google My Business (Parkway shows a great demo of this tool)
    • Free basic website
    • Analytics that provide insights of where your leads are coming from so you know what channels to invest your time in.


But, most importantly, rely on multiple tools to get yourself seen and then interweave them so it always leads the customer back to your website.   And, remember you can add your business website to your Community Profile too just as Parkway and Lynda have done.