Re: Why did you become an accountant / bookkeeper?

This year marks my 20th year running my accounting firm. When I think back to the early days, The business was so different. I’ve used QuickBooks for all of the 20 years. Prior to that I worked as a bookkeeper for a law firm, a plumbing company, a contractor, and a real estate company. For those firms, the software of choice was Peachtree, One Write Plus, and custom software.


So what made me choose this given path to my entrepreneurship?


I think back to when I was teenager, I wanted to an be an artist.  And if I go really far back, I am sure my parents wanted me to be the traditional teacher or secretary. Those were the equivalent to the “boy” jobs of fireman and policeman.


But neither were my calling.  Throughout high school, I was really good at accounting. I enjoyed working with numbers. I loved the grid green paper. And honestly my brain was more analytical than creative. I loved it when things balanced. I loved analyzing the data.  


So I guess to answer the question why did I become a bookkeeper? The answer would be the profession chose me. Not only was it something I was good at, it was what I enjoyed.  


Today, I prefer not to use the term bookkeeper.  The image that comes to mind is just not me. No longer is my job just about data entry and manually typing everything in. I analyze the data. I study it. I assist my clients and understanding their books. We create budgets.  We plan for the future, not just look at the past.


While attending QBConnect Toronto, I was in a session where the presenter suggested getting rid of the term bookkeeper and using the term, “Accountant Data Manager”.  I like that. It is more of what the position of bookkeeper means to me. Today, a bookkeeper’s job is so much more than just entering data. We have artificial intelligence, apps and bank feeds in QuickBooks Online for that. My job has evolved and will continue to evolve to be much more strategic.  And for that, I am grateful.


By:  Lynda Artesani

Artesani Bookkeeping