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QBO Projects and Job Cost

I have a new to QBO Client who began to use Projects on May 1, 2019.  Is there a way for them to return to their January- April expenses and payroll, and assign these costs to specific Projects?  How would I make that happen?


Re: QBO Projects and Job Cost

Hi @Richard67 


You can assign projects to new payroll going forward by using timesheets that feed into your payroll, however, moving the existing payroll transactions will need a Journal Entry instead.  We currently don't have the ability to move existing payroll transactions into a project.  


I've got a few resources here to help clarify further.


Labor Costing for Projects! by Hector Garcia

This article includes a section on calculating labor costs that might be helpful when creating the figures for your Journal Entry so you can move those expenses into a project.  


How do I add existing transactions to my project?

This is an FAQ article about projects in general, however, has this specific section for entering your historical expenses, invoices into a project that was created after the transactions.


I hope this helps.