Re: Why did you become an accountant / bookkeeper?

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs and small business owners led me to want to help others with their business needs.  I’ve always enjoyed analyzing business models to see how it would/could work and why it would/wouldn’t be a good fit for certain skill sets.  I became serious about accounting when I attended college.

I went to college to study sound engineering.  My ambition was to own/operate music studios, record musicians, and help musicians achieve their dreams.  Despite being able to play guitar, bass, drums, etc., I don’t read music.  Reading music and sight singing were prerequisites to the sound engineering program and that first semester went sideways, quickly! 😊  I had to refocus my efforts and ended up taking an intro to business course.  It really clicked with me and a couple years later ended up with a master’s in accounting.

My first job out of college was auditing for a regional firm…I lasted about 9 months as it wasn’t a good fit for me.  That’s when I started working with small business owners and saw the need to help them with sound bookkeeping/accounting practices.  It’s been a great experience ever since; the business owner can follow their passion knowing that the “business” side of their business is handled.