Re: How to get new clients?

Hello @asim:


So much has changed since I first became a ProAdvisor.  Life was simpler then.  :)


Marketing is such a deep topic and one I always jump on at the conferences that we attend.  Like stated below, your ProAdvisor page will become a lead source.  If you take the Advanced Cert, it should rise you above the others.  It is a time-consuming effort, but very much worth it.  I use a weekly blog post with a video that I consistently post to every week.  Although I have not had much success on Facebook for generating clients, I have heard of many others that have had the exact opposite experience. 


I use 17hats for my CRM and track the leads.  Most leads for me come from the videos or a google search.  Answering questions on this community forum, make help link back to you via google.  My ProAdvisor page (even though I am advanced certified), comes in 3rd but is a continuous source of leads. Many do very well on that PAP page, but it is dependent on your location.


Matthew Fulton @ParkwayInc and I just did a Facebook live event on this very topic.  Tons of good information on this in that video.  We posted it in our private FB Group.  


Lynda Artesani

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