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(QB Online) How can I print a YTD report of payments to 1099 vendors in QBO

Question Details:

I need to print a YTD payments report for all 1099-identified vendors.  How can I do this in QBO?  


Accepted Solution:

If these vendor payments were from last year, you can follow these steps on generating the year-to-date report:

  1. Click Expenses on the left navigation panel.
  2. Select Vendors tab and click Prepare 1099s.
  3. Click the Continue your 1099s button.
  4. Follow the on screen instructions until you reach the Review 1099 vendors and payments window.
  5. Click the Print Information Sheet button.


If this is for the current year’s vendor payment, there isn’t a way to generate a report to show the payments made to your 1099 vendors. However, you can customize the Transaction List by Vendor report.

Here’s how:

  1. Click Reports on the left navigation panel.
  2. In the search field, type in Transaction List by Vendor.
  3. Click the Customize button.
  4. Select your preferred date on the Report period drop down arrow.
  5. Select Filter and click the Transaction Type drop down arrow.
  6. Put a checkmark in the Payment box.
  7. Put a checkmark in the Vendor box and click the drop down arrow to select your 1099 vendors.
  8. Click Run report.





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