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(QB Desktop) 1099-MISC Recipient's TIN

Question Details: 

Using the 1099 Wizard in QuickBooks Desktop Pro (2019), is there a way to print a partial (truncated) Tax ID number on Copy B of Form 1099-MISC, mailed to the recipient, in order to protect the recipient's identity?  For example, the Social Security No. would appear this way: XXX-XX-1234.


The IRS allows it, but I don't see where the 1099 Wizard makes it possible.


Accepted Solution:

Currently, the feature to hide the tax numbers in the form is unavailable. If we are going to replace the numbers to any characters,  it will give you an error.   As of now, you'll have to manually file the form.


You can prepare a pre-printed 1099 form and manually type in the information into it with the truncated Tax Identification Number (TIN). Just be sure the details are correct in each box.


For additional details about truncating recipient's TIN, you can read these articles:



Also, feel free to read through these articles for additional reference about filing and preparing 1099 in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT):




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