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(Tax Forms - All) W-2/W-3 and 1099/1096 IRS/SSA Approvals

Question Details:

Do we have confirmation that the Intuit forms are approved by the IRS and SSA to print the government copies on plain paper with black ink for 2020? Is there any concern that might not happen this year?

It is my understanding that this eliminates the need to order the preprinted forms.


Accepted Solution: 

There is no need to use pre-printed forms when using an inkjet printer.  The SSA's documentation does mention "laser printers" (or did years ago), but they  have clarified that they really mean "laser like" - high quality (as in, not a dot matrix printer or other low quality output.)


Additional Info:

I can provide you with some information to help answer your question about what the requirements are for printing certain payroll forms. 


The W-2's and W-3's can be printed as follows: 


  • Inkjet printer: Use preprinted forms
  • Laser printer: Blank/perforated papers or preprinted


There are a few more requirements for printing the 1099's


If you're wanting to file to the IRS directly with 1099, then you'll need to purchase your 1099 kit


Here are a few more articles that may be able to help you in the future: 





Actually, I just found it in IRS Revenue Publication 1179.  Looks like we are good to go, although perforated paper is preferable.  


Also found the answer to a question I've been asking for years - do NOT fold the forms going to the government.  Use a large "flat" envelope and do not staple (which it does say on the pre-printed forms).




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