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Lucy & Nadia Took their Passion for Paper and Opened Luna Stationery

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Lucy & Nadia Took their Passion for Paper and Opened Luna Stationery




Names: Lucy Watts & Nadia Matthews

Business: Luna Stationery

Location: London-based online retail

Launched: 2015


Lucy and Nadia, longtime friends and co-workers, combined their love for design and their first names to create Luna Stationery (LUcy and NAdia). These advertising producers still have their day jobs, so they work double-duty to get their brand of highly-curated stationery out into the world. The dream is to one day open a brick-and-mortar shop. Until then, these two go-getters will continue writing their own ticket -- on beautiful paper, of course.


We caught up with Lucy and Nadia ahead of QB Connect London, where they are a featured vendor, to discuss the ups and downs of working for themselves and what they’re looking forward to at QB Connect London February 27-28.


Lucy and Nadia, how did you decide to start a business together?

We sat next to each other at work for ten years, and for ten years, we went mad for stationery and design -- notebooks, business cards, neon pens, paper samples. We were kindred spirits in that way. We started talking about what our dream stationery shop would look like and we decided, "Let's do it! Let's create it!"


We are both producers in advertising, and we still make commercials and content for  Luna Stationery. We are busy ladies!





How did you get started?

We really wanted to source items that you don't often see in other stationery shops or departments. We did a lot of research online via, a design blog, and on Etsy. We also went to trade and craft fairs. Much of our inspiration came from items that we already owned, so we got in touch with the designers or suppliers directly and started ordering. Being creative people, we had a lot of fun designing our logo and creating the brand. After we were up and running online we began taking our products to markets around London to raise awareness.


What does your typical work day look like?

Until we hit the big-time and can work solely on Luna Stationery, we are simultaneously working as producers and as small business owners. Much of our evenings and weekends are spent on Luna: taking photos of stock, planning Instagram posts, trading at London markets and always searching for cute new stock.





What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned working for yourself?

Starting a business is tough work, but we get so much enjoyment from being creative and being in charge of what we choose to sell. We've learned we must stay positive and true to what we set out to do. And we always make sure we laugh as hard as we work!


What is next for you two?

We are still striving for the day when we can work full-time for Luna Stationery. We’d love our own brick-and-mortar shop where we imagine a world of amazing stationery, long hours and George Michael permanently on the stereo!


What do you hope to gain at QB Connect London?

We are looking forward to receiving feedback on our products and business, raising awareness about Luna Stationery by reaching a new market and, above all, the chance to talk to attendees and learn loads of business tips so we can grow our company.


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Established Community Backer ***

Re: Lucy & Nadia Took their Passion for Paper and Opened Luna Stationery


Right way forward for a company in Stationary Products.


Value addition.


Especialy for a Product facing strong competition from the Instant Messaging and other related Online or Mobile services. 

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