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Backup / Restore Function


One thing that scares me the most with QBO is there is no backup or restore option. In cases where I need to update a lot of information and a mistake gets made, or a bulk update of data is done and it overwrites data it is essential to have a restore function to correct any mistakes or data loss.

Changing Status to 'Accepted'


This idea has been added to the Product roadmap backlog 

Status: Accepted
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Mark Armistead
Level 7

Unfortunately Intuit expect you to pay for the advanced version if you actually want this 'feature' Rolling back to a time would be much needed in all versions. So many users accidently changing something or not realising their mistake which can lead to even more issues. More time wasted.

QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Hi HM2019, thanks for your contribution to QuickBooks Idea Exchange. Please note that a backup and restore function is available in QuickBooks Online Advanced. Backups save everything on your chart of accounts and you can schedule these to be automatic or do one-time backups. If you have any further queries on this, please come and chat with our support team

Status changed to: Accepted

Changing Status to 'Accepted'


This idea has been added to the Product roadmap backlog 

Level 4

An option to schedule and/or manually download backups locally onto computer would be very useful.

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