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Categorisation of CIS expenses: Why should all expenses subject to CIS have to go to a single account?

Lee Gold

It is absurd, to say the least, that when using CIS all other categorisation flies out of the window. Does CIS mean the end of organised accounts?


With regards to VAT, any number and type of accounts can be set up. When entering a bill or expense, any of those categories/accounts can be selected whilst also choosing whether vatable or not (and what rate). A default VAT rate can be set to a supplier, but that can be amended and doesn’t affect the category.


Why can’t CIS be the same? Categorise the transaction as you wish in addition to selecting whether to apply CIS. Off-course, the actual rate (0% / 20% / 30%) will be set according to the payee.


It's hard to believe such a major fault still exists.


As a workaround, though far from ideal, I would set up CIS sub-accounts within the existing categories. However, a sub account can only be of the same type as the parent account. Worse still, no new CIS accounts can be created!

Please make the function of CIS similar to VAT

Thanks for the idea, we are changing the status to Closed due to 0 upvotes. 

Status: Closed
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QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Hi Lee, thanks for taking the time to share this post on QuickBooks Idea Exchange


We'll be reviewing all posts submitted here, and if it gets to over 50 votes, we will review it with our Product team.

Status changed to: Closed

Thanks for the idea, we are changing the status to Closed due to 0 upvotes. 

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