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Keep the classic view reports


I have not come across anyone who likes the new report views.  The reports, as they are, are one of the selling points of Quickbooks for me compared to other providers.  Why change what isn't broken? - please leave our reports alone!!!

Changing Status to ''Closed'' 


All reports will be moving to modern view. This is so that we can improve performance and ensure we have the foundations to make future improvements to reports. We are doing extensive customer testing prior to moving reports to modern view

Status: Closed
Vote now if this is a good idea
QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Hi CathW, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the modern view reports on QuickBooks Idea Exchange.  We'll be reviewing your post and if it gets to over 50 votes, we will review it with our Product team.

Mark Armistead
Level 7

One of my recent pet peeves Cath with dumping of 'classic' reports. Although they have improved them removing the lines and opening the transactions you are wisahing to view. But, it's still not an easy read especially on a wide screen monitor. I got a feeling the devs use laptops and smaller screens.

Level 4

Being that no-one knows about this "Forum", (I've had no email about it) it's hardly suprising that there are very few votes for what is the obvious request and has been asked for so many times

Mark Armistead
Level 7

Indeed Kev. I've personally done more to promote this forums section than Intuit staffers. It's a joke really.


I also would like to vote for classic reprt view

Level 3

Modern report view is absolute GARBAGE




I'm not sure what needs to be voted on, but why not just look at this submission:


You'll see 10 pages of comments, more than 50 people, stating their abhorrence to the modern view.


Please remove modern view OR, at the very least, let people choose classic view as their default for all reports. If someone wants to switch to the modern view, then they can have that option. Classic should always be default.

Level 1

Classic view is just fine. I CANNOT use modern view because I run with a relatively low screen resolution because of somewhat limited eyesight, and modern view headings don’t scroll like classic view headings do. That leaves somewhere between 0-2 detail lines visible on my screen. Completely unusable. 

Level 3

Just look at the forums and the 200 posts or whatever it is...... 

2024-01-10 15_24_27-(1) Classic view vs. Modern view onreports and 28 more pages - Person 1 - Micros.png

Level 2

@GeorgiaC Please speak to them regardless of the vote count. I fear it will not get to 50 simply because we just entered the busiest time of year and this could get overlooked. The modern view is an absolute nightmare and if you search the forums you will quickly see how great the distaste is for the modern view and how it is actually creating far more work for accountants and driving some to leave QBO entirely. PLEASE TAKE ACTION AND LISTEN TO THE ACTUAL USERS OF THE PRODUCT AND NOT JUST THE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT TEAM. PLEASE we do enough work already why create more work for us just because you think it "looks prettier"!! 

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