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Stop Quickbooks creating false transactions!


Quickbooks SE is creating a false transaction whenever a card payment is declined!


QuickBooks is adding transactions that did not occur - they were declined. The bank feed has these logged without any financial figure (£0) but Quickbooks is assigning a financial figure to the transaction. If/when the transaction is remade successfully, QBSE then has created 2 transactions for the same amount - it has falsely doubled the expense. 


These are false and inaccurate accounts - not acceptable by any accountant or by HMRC - putting QuickBooks customers at risk of fraudulent accounting - fraudulent transactions which are being generated by Quickbooks.

This is a very serious issue!

I have been posting about this in another thread, but the QB representatives are not reading the messages and giving completely unhelpful responses. The other thread is from 1 year ago and has been marked as solved - but the issue is not solved and QBSE is still creating false transactions when a payment is declined.


Please fix this issue!


Changing idea status to Closed due to a low number of upvotes. 

Status: Closed
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I am shocked at the lack of response from QuickBooks to this problem - do you really have no solution to this issue?


Do QuickBooks not care that their software is creating false transactions and putting their customers at risk in this way?

Status changed to: Closed

Changing idea status to Closed due to a low number of upvotes. 

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