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  • Did somebody say, Friday! Oh yes, they did! Hello again, and welcome back to the Business Discussion board. I found an article onblogher.comthat offered some he...
    Updated Jul 30, 2021
  • Sometimes it’s important to go back to the basics, even if you’re a seasoned business owner. Many of us write emails all the time, but as a business owner, this...
    Updated Jul 29, 2021
  • Hello Community friends, and welcome back to the Business Discussion board. One of my most favorite things to do is go to vendor craft fairs. There’s a huge one...
    Updated Jul 28, 2021
  • Happy Friday, and welcome back to the QuickBooks Community! If you are new here, welcome! How often have you experienced miscommunication through email? Let me ...
    Updated Jul 23, 2021
  • Hi friends, and happy Thursday! or Friday Eve, that makes it sound even better! I've got a question for you? Have you checked out theQuickBooks Resource Centerl...
    Updated Jul 22, 2021
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