So, I decide to tryout Quickbooks online - I just spent hours putting in invoice data and now I see there is no tax added.  So I try to put on the automatic tax - but we have wholesale and retail customers.  I'm in Hawaii and we have General Excise tax and are supposed to charge; .50% excise for wholesale and 4.5% for all others - but the auto tax keeps charging 4.712% which our company does not use - If I try to change to tax exempt, it goes to zero (we need to charge .50% in those cases)  So, i would have to basically tell the employees when they make an invoice, they have to figure out who is wholesale/retail, then go and override and calculate the tax for .50 or 4.5 - this is going to cause so many errors that my head would explode:womanfrustrated:.  I just wish QBO would let you put in your own tax rates.  So I guess I am going back to my original software.