Having trouble with my "S-Corp Med Insure Premium". Have it set up to auto-generate as ITEM when I run payroll, but the dates don't go where I want so I have to edit/correct it. Working through 12-mo of 2019 corrections today painful! Would like to get this right for 2020. For example: I run 1/1/20 payroll and generate "S-Corp Med Prem" of say $600 for an employee "For Period January" so all good so far, But: It tags LIAB it as "Due 2/17" like a tax item! This can throw off annual totals and tax reports if not corrected. It is insurance so it is due 1/17 NOT a month later. I looked at "Liability: Change Payment Method", but it WILL NOT let me back it up to "Pay this Period" only "Pay next period". How can I correct these settings for my "S-Corp Med Insure Premium"? Thanks for any help!