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Offering personnel services tailored to both inshore and offshore oilfield construction projects, DHD Offshore Services strives to meet all facets of its client’s needs. Well equipped to provide quality, industry trained, highly-effective personnel, DHD is capable of satisfying the ever changing industry needs. DHD considers itself a company on the leading edge of industry standards. As a result, we participate in varying industry affiliations including ISNetworld and DISA. At DHD, we take the time to understand the needs and challenges our clients are facing prior to placing personnel on a project. Capable of placing both offshore/inshore contract personnel, we believe that having the appropriate personnel aids in ensuring a successful project. Forging strong relationships with both our clients and personnel fosters a safe and productive work environment. As part of the ongoing effort to provide quality personnel, all employee candidates undergo a thorough selection process. Upon employment, all employees are vetted and evaluated for any required training they may need prior to joining a client’s project. It is our goal that as a client of DHD you can be confident that all personnel are appropriately trained for the job activity they are conducting. At DHD we pride ourselves on reputation. Through the constant efforts of our management team and in-field personnel, we’ve earned a reputation of the highest standard. We invite you to reach out to our team and experience what we have to offer.
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