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Business looking at a chart of her cash flow on her phone.

Stay in control of your cash flow

Explore the many ways to manage your cash flow with QuickBooks. Keep an eye on money in and out to plan ahead.

Manage your cash flow from anywhere

Reach business goals

Reach business goals

Check your cash flow anytime, making it easy to spot trends so you can keep growing.

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Understand trends

See your historical cash flow to understand when you can spend more or need to save

See everything at a glance

Everything at a glance

See all your business balancesNot included with QuickBooks Money. on one dashboard—no messy spreadsheets.

Cash flow chart highlighting recent money updates, including a increase in money in and a new invoice.


Rest easy with instant insights

See your business money come in and out over time, so you can make smart business decisions, reflect on historical data, and pivot as you grow.

An image of a QuickBooks debit card. Screen shows $400 interest earned last month.

Boost your cash flow with 5.00% APY**

With a QuickBooks business bank account, you can earn 5.00% APY with savings envelopes so you’re always in control of your cash flow

Build your knowledge

Accounting objects connecting a pie chart and a bar graph.

Free business budget templates

By taking a closer look at your assets, expenses, and financial goals, you can craft a better plan .

Business owner thinking about cash flow.

What is cash flow and how can I manage it?

Let’s define cash flow, how to analyze it, and how to read statements to help you better manage your business money.

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How to bounce back to cash flow positive

Understanding how and why cash flow issues commonly occur can help you address them.

Frequently asked questions

Get a snapshot of your cash flow