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How to Calculate the Ideal Profit Margin for Your Small Business

2020 SME Digitalisation Grants Malaysia - Intuit QuickBooks

SME Business Digitalisation Grant - Propelling Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) into the Digital World.  The Malaysia Government has announced in...

Financial fitness checklist: Cashflow

Accounting Term: Diversification

Explore the benefits of generating sales leads on social media. Around 96% of Malaysians who use the internet are on social media, so it's a good time to create social media profiles that generate leads. Ensure your social media profiles offer enough information to spark a potential customer's interest.

Sole Proprietors: Pay Yourself First

Review the importance of paying yourself even when you're the boss. Look at what can happen when you forget to pay yourself, read tips about how to budget for your own pay, and consider alternatives to paying yourself such as reinvesting money into the company and covering your personal expenses with savings.

How Small Businesses Can Stay On Top Of Their Finances

24 Accounting Terms Every Business Owner Needs to Know

4 financial tips for new business owners

How to Project Profits With Cost Volume Profit Analysis

Maximize Profit and Minimize Loss: 5 Components of a Solid Financial Plan

Cloud Based Accounting: Three Steps to a Bright New Way of Working

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