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Why content is the next big thing in marketing

Elvin Zhang June 17, 2015

Internet usage in Asia is growing 60% faster than the rest of the world, and more than 40% of global internet users are now based in this region. With the growing internet usage, small businesses in Malaysia need to be able to capture attention online. Content marketing is one of the best ways to do so. Here are a few reasons why.

Establishes Credibility

In today’s world, trust in advertising is fading tremendously. Consumers are constantly looking for credible information about their intended purchase. Amidst all the noise out there, having quality content will help to distinguish your brand from your competition.

By generating great content in alignment with keywords that your customer groups might potentially search for online, you are fulfilling their needs and helping to answer their questions. This builds trust and strengthens your relationship with your targeted visitors.

Do this over time, and you’ll start to establish yourself as the expert in your industry. People will start coming to you for your expertise.

High Sharing Tendency by Consumers

Social media can go far in extending the visibility and reach of your small business. It works best, however, if you’re engaging with your followers, not merely using it as a billboard for announcements. How do you build that engagement? By sharing great content.

Great content naturally gets shared. This sharing means your content will be seen by an exponentially larger group of people – people who might be interested in your content and may be potential customers.

Sharing capabilities such as hashtags also make it easier for your content to be shared, and also encourages participation in the form of user-generated content. This will help you generate even more engagement with your community, and build a loyal fan base.

Increase Web Traffic and Organic SEO Rankings

Great SEO can have huge benefits for a small business. And having great content, which generates engagement and backlinks, will go very far in establishing good SEO for your business.

When you create quality content over time and forge an emotional connection with your targeted audience and industry leaders, you will begin to start attracting links from reputable sources that your customers already trust. Having more of these links will increase your ranking on search engines, and bring more attention to your business. Search engines are still one of the biggest traffic generators online, after all.

High influence on consumer’s purchase decisions

Search engines have now overtaken traditional media as the most trusted source of information in the world. This means that it’s more important than ever to have quality content showing up on the front page of search results. If you manage to do that, you’ll be able to gain the trust of your customers much more effectively.

In fact, a Roper Public Affairs study found that 70% of decision makers mentioned content marketing made them feel closer to the brand, and 60% said content marketing helped them make better and more informed purchasing decisions.

As a small business, investing in content marketing can yield an extremely high return on investment due to the viral nature of quality content. It’s definitely a channel you don’t want to ignore.