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3 tips to cultivating positive employee relationships

Elvin Zhang June 10, 2015

One key to the success of a small business is having a strong relationship with your employees. A good employee relationship translates to exponentially higher productivity – providing significant returns for your business. This week, let’s take a look at some of the ways to properly boost and manage your employee relationship in a small business.

Walk the talk

Nobody likes to follow a leader who simply gives orders and tells them what to do. There is a stark difference between working for a boss who manages and delegates, as compared to one who is actually rolling up his/her sleeves leading and blazing the trail alongside his/her employees.

The most respected employers lead by example and inspire employees to stretch beyond their limits. Employees are extremely sensitive towards whether their boss walks the talk.

Listen to your employees, and respect them as individuals

Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you should throw your weight around and insist people listen to you. Doing so is sure to drive conflict and cause you to lose respect among your employees.

Instead, respect your employees as individuals. Pay attention to what they have to say, keep in mind their differences in working style, and genuinely learn to see things from their perspective. This will go far in helping you minimize conflict in the office.

Respecting people will also help you to appreciate the multitude of diversity each employee brings to the team. This will enabling you to better manage workers to their individual strength and styles.

Confront the Tension

As a leader and the boss, you’ll be expected to do things that most of us dislike doing. Nobody likes to confront a sticky situation, but as leaders, you must confront tension head-on.

Conflict usually brings about an emotional state of mind in the workplace and decreases productivity drastically. Confronting conflict before it festers and spreads is crucial.

The tension might feel overwhelming, but more often than not, by simply talking to the different parties in good faith, you will realize that your perception of the situation is not as grave as you thought it is.

Ask for feedback – Genuinely

We all like to think of ourselves as likable. What matters, though, is how your employees and partners view you. Asking for and taking action on feedback from those who work for and with you goes a long way in improving your likability.

One important thing to take note here is that it is crucial to take action and actually truly value feedback from the people around them. Asking for feedback for appearances sake will likely breed even more negative feelings of hypocrisy if your employees feel like you aren’t taking their feedback seriously.