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March 9, 2018 Starting Up en_MY Explain how to use the e-Lodgement System in Malaysia to register businesses and submit required documents to the government. https://quickbooks.intuit.com/cas/dam/IMAGE/A9VIp1vIO/52994e63dc397bda442bef9734280312.jpg https://quickbooks.intuit.com/my/r/starting-up/e-lodgement-system-malaysia How to Use the E-Lodgement System to Register Your Business in Malaysia
Starting Up

How to Use the E-Lodgement System to Register Your Business in Malaysia

Shelley Frost March 9, 2018

You’re ready to take the leap and register your business in Malaysia. You’ve analyzed your business idea and know it’s a good one. What’s next? It’s time to register your Malaysian business. The e-Lodgement system is a simple way to register and submit the necessary documents to get your business up and running.

Malaysia requires a new business to register within 30 days of starting operations. While you can register in person at the SSM counter, an easier option is registering online through the e-Lodgement system. The online system lets you upload any required documents. You can also make the payment to register your business through the online system.

To access the e-Lodgement system, you need an email address, MyKad identification, and internet access. Choose the “Register” option to start your business registration. Fill in the required information. When you receive the instructional email with your user ID and password, you can activate your account and register as an SSM Subscriber.

Fill out basic information about your business, such as the name, date the business starts, location, type of business, and information about the owners. You may also need to submit documents like a copy of your partnership agreement, permit, licence, or supporting letter. Those documents are easy to attach online by clicking the “Upload Document” button, navigating to the saved document on your computer, and attaching it.

When you’re ready to pay for the registration, choose the payment type. Options include prepaid, credit card or direct debit. Enter the payment details, and select the “Pay” button to submit. You get a receipt for your payment, which you can print for your records. After you complete the online registration, you get an email with a result letter. You can also log in to your account and see the status under “My Online Transactions.”

Choosing the e-Lodgement system is an easy way to register your Malaysian business. A quick approval means your business is up and running quickly.