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Take your law firm to the next level

QuickBooks Online Advanced helps legal firms scale with automated workflows, customization, and custom roles and permissions.

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Advanced offers legal firms the right tools to accelerate growth

Ramp up your productivity

Streamline your workflows and increase your productivity with tools built for legal firms.

  • Create automated reminders and approvals based on your own rules.
  • Set up reminders for clients to pay invoices on time.
  • Track billable hours by client, case, or employee to dial in billable time.
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Track your firm’s performance at a glance

Advanced gives you robust tools to quickly and easily monitor your business so you can make changes that improve profitability.

  • Get the insights you need most with customizable, presentation-ready reports.
  • Seamlessly send data back and forth between QuickBooks Online Advanced and Excel for more accurate business data and custom insights.
  • Determine which cases or clients drive the most revenue over time on your Performance Center dashboards.
  • Set and monitor cash flow KPIs and benchmarks to make informed business decisions.
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Manage what others can see and do

The most flexible user permissions of any QuickBooks Online plan, Advanced gives you greater control of your data.

  • Assign user roles to delegate work to the right people.
  • Protect case confidentiality by providing colleagues with the right access for their role.
  • Manage access to sensitive client information.
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Work your way with app integrations

Access more than 600 apps to help you expand and customize QuickBooks to meet your legal office needs.1

  • Customize how you work with your pick of seamless app integrations designed to seamlessly connect with QuickBooks Online Advanced for the success of your firm.*
  • Get more done with apps like LeanLaw, BQE Core, Donor receipts, and Wise Owl Legal, and more.
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Resources to help keep your legal firm on top

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4 ways QuickBooks Online Advanced bolsters law firm productivity

Take your business to the next level
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