Standard Customers - August 2, 2014


1. SCOPE. These pricing terms apply to customers (“Standard Customers”) that were approved or first used QuickBooks Payments (online or desktop), GoPayment, Point of Sale, and/or Gmail plug-in processing services (collectively, “Services”) from August 2, 2014 to December 6, 2016, but for “Legacy Customers” (as defined below). Additionally, if you have undergone a pricing rate review, your pricing terms differ from those noted below, and you are subject to the pricing terms corresponding to the date when your most recent pricing rate review occurred. This Standard Pricing Schedule provides the rates and fees that apply to your use of Services and is part of your Intuit Merchant Agreement.

“Point of Sale” or “POS” transactions are transactions that use QuickBooks Point of Sale software to process payments, and specifically exclude GoPayment transactions.


2.  INTUIT PAYMENTS STANDARD PRICING. Unless special promotional pricing, offers, or exclusions apply to you, the following rates and fees apply to all credit cards and debit cards (including PIN-less transactions), standard ACH, invoice, PayPal, and Apple Pay transactions. For clarity, the below transactions pricing applies to each instance of processing (e.g., purchases, returns, etc.) via the Services.


Plan Type

Non- Monthly
fee plan

Monthly Plan
fee plan

QB POS Payments
fee plan

Monthly Fee




Swiped Rate-Credit/ Debit Card
(requires card reader)


1.60%* *


Keyed Rate- Credit/ Debit Card/PayPal*


3.20%* *


PIN Debit Rate




Per Transaction Fee




Per Standard ACH (QB Desktop) $3.00 $3.00 N/A

Per Standard ACH (QB Online)





See Section 3

See Section 3

See Section 3

* PayPal payments are only supported on QuickBooks Online
* *Standard Customers who signed up for the service between August 2, 2014 and October 26, 2015 are charged 1.75% and 3.15% for Swiped Rate- Credit/Debit Card and Keyed Rate- Credit/ Debit Card, respectively.

  • You may only switch from a non-monthly plan to a monthly plan (or vice versa) once during a consecutive twelve (12)-month period.
  • Starting at approval or first use (depending on the service you select), you will be automatically charged on a per transaction or monthly basis at the then current transaction and/or monthly fees until you cancel.
  • ACH/ ELECTRONIC BANK PAYMENT PROCESSING (E-INVOICING). QuickBooks Desktop Users on Windows versions from 2013 or earlier, and all Mac Version Users, must apply separately for ACH / electronic bank payment processing and other ACH payment services. 
  • A per transaction fee may apply for each ACH or electronic bank payment, where applicable. Additional fees (such as chargeback, rejection, and other miscellaneous fees) may also apply.
  • Ineligible customers.  Not all customers (including customers with a channel sales partner) are guaranteed to be eligible for the above pricing.

3. MISCELLANEOUS FEES. The following additional fees will apply to your use of the Services, where applicable. 


Fee Type


Chargeback Fee

$25 plus the full chargeback amount

ACH/Electronic Bank Reject Fee


Returned Check Fee


Card or Payment Network Penalties, Fines, and Other Fees

You are responsible for fees as a consequence of your use or misuse of the Services or your card processing activities, including without limitation under Section 28 of the Intuit Merchant Agreement.

Not all customers or Services are guaranteed to be eligible for these Add-On Services or the associated pricing. Fees for Add-On Services will apply only if you have opted to use these Add-On Services:

  • For Next-Day ACH: a 1% (not to exceed $10) fee applies to each transaction you select for next-day ACH deposit. A per transaction fee for each ACH or electronic bank payment (equal to the amount in the Per Transaction Fee row of your applicable pricing chart in Section 2 above) and additional fees (such as chargeback, rejection, and other miscellaneous fees) also apply. 
  • For Instant Deposit: a 1% fee applies to each amount you select for deposit in up to 30 minutes in your designated bank account (which must be linked to an eligible debit card). Per transaction and standard ACH fees for each ACH or electronic bank payment (equal to the amount in the Per Transaction Fee and Per Standard ACH rows of your applicable pricing chart in Section 2 above) and additional fees (such as chargeback, rejection, and other miscellaneous fees) also apply. 
  • For PCI service on Non-Monthly Fee and QB POS Payments* Plans: a $9.95 per month fee applies. Please refer to the terms applicable to this service here


* Monthly Fee Plans include PCI Service at no additional charge to you.


5. HARDWARE/EQUIPMENT. Equipment fees may apply to certain payment hardware and software. For current pricing, check our Point of Sale and GoPayment sites.

“Legacy Customers” are customers who: (a) entered into a Merchant Agreement on or before August 1, 2014; (b) use QuickBooks for Mac; or (c) subscribe to the Services via one of our authorized partners where they were offered applicable pricing.

7. ADDITIONAL TERMS; PRICING CHANGES. All rates and fees are in US dollars and are subject to change under the terms of the Intuit Merchant Agreement. To view and understand the exact rates and fees that have been applied to your transactions (along other fees), sign into your account online and view your statement. 



Last updated March 2, 2020