Managing cash flow made easy

The Cash Flow center gives you one place to plan, save, and get paid. Forecast finances, sync all your accounts, and even open a checking account built right in QuickBooks.

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Custom cash flow planning

Forecast money-in and money-out up to 90 days to plan ahead, and stay ahead.**

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All your accounts at a glance

No messy spreadsheets. See all your business balances on one dashboard.

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QuickBooks Cash account

Get your banking done right in QuickBooks, with industry-leading 1.00% APY¹ and Instant Deposit at no extra fee, if eligible.**

See the future of your cash flow

The Cash Flow Planner uses your bank and QuickBooks activity to forecast money-in and money-out 30 and 90 days ahead. Know where business is going so you can budget wisely.**

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Get all-in-one financial clarity

Start each day with a full financial picture. No matter the account, every transaction syncs right to your dashboard so you can monitor all your business balances, all in one place.

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Grow and access funds fast with QuickBooks Cash

QuickBooks Cash is a business bank account built in QuickBooks, with perks made just for small businesses:

  • Instant deposit, no extra cost. QuickBooks Payments deposit instantly for no added fee, if eligible. Spend right away using your QuickBooks Debit Card.**
  • Envelopes for easy budgeting. Bucket cash in virtual envelopes to save for things like goals, expenses, and emergencies.**
  • Money that works 25x harder. Earn interest at 1.00% APY (25x the U.S. average²) and hit savings goals sooner.**

*QuickBooks and Intuit are a technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by our partner , Green Dot Bank.

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Since we started using the QuickBooks Cash Flow Planner, we no longer rely on tracking this manually in a spreadsheet. It saved us a lot of time and frustration and gives me the knowledge that I need to make decisions.
Kristan Shamus, Owner, Cora Bella Weddings & Events
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I used insights from the QuickBooks Cash Flow Planner to decide I was able to hire my first employee. I assessed my cash flow, and the Cash Flow Planner confirmed that I’d be able to support an employee.
Joao Correia, Solutions Director, Igloo Analytics

Start managing your cash flow in QuickBooks

I’m already a QuickBooks customer

For full access to Cash Flow, including banking features, you’ll need a Payments account and a QuickBooks Cash account. Apply for both totally free, with a single application.

I’m not a QuickBooks Customer

You’ll need a QuickBooks Online account to use Cash Flow, QuickBooks Cash, and Payments.

QuickBooks and Intuit are a technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by our partner, Green Dot Bank.

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