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QuickBooks Point of Sale, powered by Revel Systems is built
for the needs of Restaurants and Retailers, so your business can run effortlessly.


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Features for Restaurants and Retailers include:


Ring Sales and Manage Inventory

A fully featured iPad POS to ring sales, take payments, track inventory and customers.


Always On Mode

Continue to take high volume payments during busy times of the day and retain data even when the Internet is down.1

Run your Business Anywhere

View sales, inventory and staffing data at home, the office or on the road.2


More Restaurant-Tailored Features

Build custom menus and track inventory ingredient levels so you can restock at the right times.  


Updates from the Cloud

The newest software versions are effortlessly issued to you.


Integrates with QuickBooks3

No double entries means you get your bookeeping right the first time. Every time.


Important pricing terms, offer details and disclosures

1. QuickBooks POS, powered by Revel systems is setup to run on WiFi. In the event that WiFi is down, the POS system will keep running by switching to a Local Area Connection. If all internet connectivity is lost, the POS can continue to take credit card payments in Always On Mode. Businesses can control and set risk thresholds for taking payments offline by: 1) Setting a single offline payment maximum, and/or 2) Setting maximum total amount of all unprocessed offline payments.  Please note that credit cards taken in Always On Mode may not be fully authorized until Internet connectivity is reestablished. Intuit is not liable for any failed or declined transactions made while in Always On Mode.

2. In addition to accessing the POS System in store, businesses can access an online dashboard from anywhere using a device that supports a web browser (such as a laptop or iPad). Access subject to Internet Provider availability.

3. QuickBooks Point of Sale, powered by Revel Systems, integrates with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop Pro/Premier 2015 and higher, and QuickBooks Enterprise 2015 and higher. Sold Separately. QuickBooks Online integration includes QBO, Payments and Payroll.  QuickBooks Desktop integration includes QuickBooks Desktop and Payments.