Multi-channel product listings

Save time by listing your products with detailed descriptions, and update product pricing across channels simultaneously.

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Keep your listings in sync

Add your product details

Each of your products can be edited to include images, variants, SKU code, barcode, supplier code, options, weight, and buy price. Create multiple price lists such as wholesale and retail, sellable option, taxable option, descriptions, notes, and pack sizes.

Easily update pricing

Costs fluctuate. If your costs change and you need to update your product pricing accordingly, you can easily make changes across your sales channels. See your wholesale and retail prices at a glance, and modify them as cost of goods trend up or down.

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Publish changes with a click

Reduce manual data entry when you need to make updates. Edit product details, and your changes are reflected across all of your sales channels.

Build your business and your knowledge

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How to create a price listing strategy that works for you

Learn the best practices for retail pricing strategies. 

Frequently asked questions

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