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How to start a service business: 11 steps on the path to success

If you have a special skill or area of expertise, a service business could be for you. Determine the unique services you could provide to your customers.

Small Business Failure Rates: An Optimist’s View

While stories may have you believe startup failure is inevitable, my experience has taught me otherwise. Here are lessons I've learned along the way.

What do entrepreneurs do?

Entrepreneurship takes vision and operation. The common characteristic of successful entrepreneurs is grit: equal parts determination, ingenuity, and laziness (shortcuts)

8 common myths about being an entrepreneur

Modify your Becoming a successful entrepreneur usually comes down to one thing, hard work. Read about 8 myths that still prevail despite the evidence to the contrary. meta description by editing it right here

The essential guide for female entrepreneurs who want to go big

If you're a woman entrepreneur, there are several things you can do to overcome the hurdles and challenges. Learn 4 powerful tips to achieve business success.

The new entrepreneur’s guide to the perfect workday routine

If you run a home-based business, creating a schedule can be hard. But it's crucial if you want to be productive. Follow these tips for a great routine.

8 Fast-Growing Industries to Start a Business in 2014

So far, 2014 has been a promising year in terms of economic recovery. The recession has mostly subsided, and the economy appears to be rebounding a...

How to Be a Great Manager and a Great Leader

As your small business grows, it is crucial to know how to manage a growing workforce. Here are 5 things to include in your managerial toolkit.

Creative Ways To Test The Market Before Launching A Product

If you're launching a product, a market failure can be very expensive. Use these 5 resources to lower the risk before a product gets in front of customers.

Acknowledging and Overcoming Fear as an Entrepreneur

In business, dealing with fear is as common as starting a company. Learn 4 types of fear entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them.

VIDEO: How Your Business Can Benefit From a Mentor

When it comes to building your business, you don't have to go it alone. Learn how 4WT Media's John Trefry built his business with the help of mentors along the way.

Small Business Insights From Fictional Characters

It's said that all good fiction is just philosophy in disguise. This can also apply to bad fiction.

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