Katherine Gustafson

Katherine Gustafson

Katherine Gustafson is a freelance writer based in Seattle, Washington.


Financial resources for women- and minority-owned small businesses

What is tiered pricing and how can you use it?

Learn how your business can use tiered pricing to present multiple offerings to customers and optimize pricing for revenue generation. Read the complete guide from QuickBooks.

Why and How to Attract and Retain Young Talent

It is becoming increasingly important to attract and retain young talent. Learn how to recruit and engage these up-and-coming young professionals.

What is GMROI and how can retailers use it?

Learn how you can use gross margin return on investment (GMROI) to manage your inventory more efficiently. Read the complete guide from QuickBooks.

What are intermediate goods and how you can account for them?

Learn what type of inventory item intermediate goods are and how your business can better account for them with QuickBooks Enterprise.

10 ways nonprofits can boost donations, according to a new survey

QuickBooks Advanced surveyed 2,000 individual nonprofit donors throughout the U.S. and highlighted 10 ways nonprofits can better connect to individual donors and raise their retention averages.

How to create, manage, and lead a nonprofit board of directors

Every nonprofit should have a board that's an asset to the organization instead of a liability. Read on for some practical advice to make sure your board starts off on the right foot.

Why a good work culture is essential for client-focused businesses

Learn why crossing the "cultural chasm" is so important for client-focused businesses and how good work culture influences your bottom line.

How construction innovation can lead to more effective recruiting 

New innovations in construction tech have the power to change the industry's recruiting issues. Learn how to incorporate these shifts to hire the best candidates.

What women in construction want from their workplaces

Learn how the construction industry is changing to become more inclusive as women take a larger role in the workforce. We asked women in construction how the industry can do to improve recruiting efforts.

A Craft Bathtub Maker’s Advice on Running an Artisan Business

Selling high-end niche products like these requires targeting a specific type of customer and insisting on astronomical prices.

Want to Go Viral? Look at Age and Gender

How can businesses create digital marketing material that is most likely to go viral? The key is evoking specific emotions that make people want to share

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