What to Know About Writing Off Travel Expenses During the Holidays

As a small business owner, knowing how to write off expenses such as travel can help you save money and run your business more efficiently. Learn 5 ways to save now.

What December 1 Means for Your Unemployment Insurance Tax Rate

Your business should've received a letter from the unemployment office by December that outlines your tax rate. Here's what you need to know about the letter.

Sales Taxes: The Universal Entrepreneurial Pain

Sales tax can be a pain for any business, but especially small businesses. Learn why they are so complex and what you can do to make them easier to navigate.

7 Steps For Sticking to Your Marketing Budget

Marketing is crucial to any small business, and that means being careful with how you spend your marketing dollars. Here are 7 ways to increase your ROI and reach.

VIDEO: Incorporation Choices for Your Small Business

When incorporating, there's no one legal entity that fits all businesses. From C-Corp to non-profit, Cooper Harris reviewed them all before forming one for Klickly.

VIDEO: Scaling Your Business Without Losing Its Soul

Scaling your business doesn't require sacrificing quality. As Hawaiian Gun Rack's Dennis Kahn says, learn what works for your business, then refine, refine refine.

5 Signs Your Startup’s Team Is Ready for Investment

If you're looking to use investors' money for your startup, you and your team better be prepared. Learn how to tell when you're ready to pitch investors.

VIDEO: Balancing Optimism Against Realism When Starting a Business

Starting a new business? The sky's the limit... until you hit a snag. In this video, Cooper Harris discusses taking Klickly from idea to product, bumps included.

VIDEO: Why Being Resourceful Is Critical to a Self-Made Business

When it's just you and an idea, starting a business can be difficult, but not impossible. Learn how Hawaiian Gun Rack's Dennis Kahn began with just one surfboard.

Managing These 3 Expenses Can Help Your Small Business Thrive

By updating their POS systems, small businesses can cut down on expenses while saving both time and money. Learn more here.

Organic vs. Inorganic Growth For Your Business

Learn if organic or inorganic growth is the best thing for your business, and what you need to consider when choosing the best options for you.

How to Make Focus Your Secret to Fast Growth

Using lessons from Y Combinator, learn what you should focus on in your startup in order to achieve success.

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