Business Planning


Strategies for Business Ideation and Brainstorming

How to register as a self-employed business owner: A step-by-step guide to conquer complexity

Knowing how to register as a self-employed business owner can feel complex. That’s why this guide walksthrough five steps to simplify the process.

Construction season: How contractors and landscapers can thrive at its peak

Discover how landscapers, contractors, and outdoor businesses can do more than survive construction season but thrive during summer’s “100 Days of Hell.”

Opening a crafting business: How to profit from your hand-made products

Craftsmanship is in. But, popularity doesn’t necessarily lead to profitablility. Discover what it takes to start, plan, and grow a crafting business.

How to build financial projections for your startup

Financial projections are crucial for a startup, and not just for obtaining financing. Learn why you need them and how to create high quality projections.

What is a document retention policy and how can it help protect your business?

Digital or physcial, old files are risky. How do you protect your business? By following a document retention policy. Here’s how.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Lessons from environmentally-friendly companies

We’re spelling out lessons from environmentally-friendly companies about why you should focus on reducing your carbon footprint.

What is a green business? Plus, 10 ways your small business can add up big savings

Can you create a green business, save money, and still grow? The answer is yes, if you adopt and promote these 10 simple tactics.

Sustainability, ‘small’ business, and love of the craft

A new breed of sustainable small businesses have emerged around the globe built on connecting passion, impact, and craft.

Corporate social responsibility: Definition, examples, and benefits to small business owners

What is corporate social responsibility? How do you select and support the causes that matter to you? And, why does it benefit small businesses?

Sustainable design: What it is, why it matters, and how you can get started

What is sustainable design? Why does it benefit small businesses? And, most importantly, how can you get started? Discover all that and more.

7 steps to organize business paperwork so you always find what you need

Business owners have piles of files and records to manage. If you're wondering how to organize your business paperwork, here are seven steps to follow.

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