Business Planning


How to prepare to sell your business: Overcoming the mental and emotional challenges

It’s natural to anticipate finanical issues as you prepare to sell your business. Here’s how to get ready for the mental and emotional stuggles as well.

Five Things to Do with Seasonal Employees when Business Slows

Keeping your seasonal workforce engaged during the slow season is tough. Follow these five steps to keep them engaged and ready to come back for the next busy season.

How to Create a Process & Procedures Manual

Learn why a procedures manual can help you work more efficiently and prevent theft. Read about how you can work with your staff to write a procedures manual.

How to Create a Profit Sharing Plan for Your Business

Aligning your business success with employee compensation is tough. An effective profit sharing plan can help you net a win for you and your employees.

Food Trucks and Pop-Ups: Taking Your Restaurant Mobile

Food trucks and other mobile restaurants have unique challenges. Here's an intro to social media outreach, point-of-sales systems, startup costs and more.

Financial Checklist for Restaurant and Bar Owners

Between startup costs, inventory management and marketing, successfully launching a restaurant or bar requires a good grasp of the financials.

3 Food Business Models: Top Challenges and Best Solutions

Restaurants, coffee shops and bars have unique challenges they need to overcome. Here are a few simple tips on how to solve these issues for restaurateurs.

When Is the Best Time to Incorporate Your Business?

Knowing when to incorporate your business can save you a lot of trouble come tax time.

8 Things Your Small Business Should Do Now to Prepare for Future Growth

If you're looking to grow your small business, then you need to prepare for growth. Follow these 8 rules to stay on top of your growing business.

5 Simple Ways to Take Advantage of a Business Slowdown

Most small business go through periodic slowdowns. But instead of seeing this as a negative, it can actually be a great opportunity to recharge and focus.

Starting Up: The Importance Of Your First $50,000

If you're building a start up, the question of how to spend your money is ever-present. Learn how one entrepreneur spent his first $50,000 and what he learned.

End-of-the-Year Checklist for Small Businesses

For your small business, ending the year the right way can set you up for success come January. From accounting to HR to technology, learn what you need to do.

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