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Business Profile

Eric Frazier connects with audiences through wardrobe and beauty

By Eric Carter February 18, 2019

Name: Eric Frazier

Business: Wardrobe, Beauty Consultant

Founded: 2019

“Growing up, entertainment was scarce. So, we had to entertain each other.”

Eric Frazier grew up with modest means. Instead of going to the movies and theatre, he created his own performances with his siblings.

Frazier’s home-grown entertainment included creating wardrobes with no budget. Instead of a costume closet, he had hand-me-downs.

“Taking hand-me-downs and making it your own. Whether it’s chopping it down, or adding to it.”

Frazier entered the wardrobe world at home, using second-hand clothes from his older brother. Materials were few, but his creativity abounded.

Despite Eric’s humble beginnings, his love for the art took him to study in New York and Paris at some of the most prestigious fashion institutions.

World class teaching and experience grew his love for beauty and fashion, but what started as play in his youth came full-circle when he was hired to do wardrobe for the mega-hit: A Star is Born.

Despite its box office success and the critical acclaim, A Star is Born was not a big budget film. To restrain things further, wardrobe is always one of the smallest departments in a motion picture. The budgetary constraints of A Star is Born forced Frazier to revisit his childhood.

“It took a tone of a more subtle wardrobe. It made me have to revert to my youth, to basics. Instead of trying to match a high-end aesthetic, this was trying to deduce what I know. [Lady Gaga’s character] is a struggling artist.”

Frazier needed to match the character’s wardrobe to her struggle, and convince the audience that she was good enough just the way she was.

To say the least, his approach worked.

Frazier’s work in A Star is Born captures his overarching approach to wardrobe and beauty in general.

“You don’t need a lot of money. Art isn’t how much money or how much budget goes into trying to convince people of the story. It’s being able to tell a story that people can relate to.”

Frazier’s keen eye for telling stories with wardrobe has not gone unseen. Throughout his twenties, friends and colleagues urged him to start his own company.

At the same time, he has observed the quality of his work increase. He tracks reactions to his projects on social media. Audience responses indicate that his production value continues to grow.

Pair his increasingly impressive portfolio and friends pushing him to start a business with the success of A Star is Born, and 2019 looks like the year Eric Frazier will launch his own business.

As he enters his thirties, Frazier is still trying to pinpoint his specific niche. But, he hopes that his brand will expand beyond wardrobe.

Eric includes the entire look, feel, and smell of a scene within his services. From wardrobe and makeup to fragrance and color, he creates looks that resonate with viewers. Frazier calls it beauty consultancy.

The breadth of his services is wide. And, his vision is unique.

“I can marry the past and the present, and make it look futuristic. I can check off all three of those with one look.”

His style isn’t limited to film sets. Frazier wants to take his talent to fashion shows and theatre.

Whether on a runaway or on a set, Frazier’s goal remains to connect with the audience.

“What we do with our wardrobe styling, is try to tell it in a way that more people than not can relate.”

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