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Miriam Yoo Creates an Immersive Experience through Indie Wine, Spirits and Goods

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Name: Miriam Yoo

Business: Flask & Field

Founded: 2018

“The goal of Flask & Field is to inspire our customers to be present, engage their senses, and find more nuggets of enjoyment in everyday life.”

That is Miriam Yoo’s mission for her five-month-old indie wine and spirits shop located at ROW DTLA in downtown Los Angeles. Her new shop is vastly different from the career she was building as an executive and attorney in the entertainment industry. But, when her mom was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, Miriam couldn’t help but pause and consider the trajectory of her life.

“My mom was diagnosed with cancer, and I realized at that moment that I was running out of time. We all are. I believe we all have a purpose and a calling. It’s no disrespect to lawyers or any other profession, it’s simply about living in alignment with your true talents, skills, and interests.”

Upon a year of reflecting, and truly considering her talents and purpose, her mission became clear.

“When you’re still, you can hear your inner voice. Mine said, ‘Get off this train.’ So, I did. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done but there was no version of me living the life I dreamed about without jumping into the abyss. I’ve never looked back.”

Flask & Field accomplishes its mission through a combination of online retail and a brick and mortar location. The shop curates handcrafted, small-batch wines, beers, spirits and general goods for house, home and adventure.

But, Flask & Field isn’t just a shop to buy some booze and handcrafted goods. Miriam and her team have created a venue where customers can immerse themselves and truly find those “nuggets of enjoyment” that have become her mission.

“What makes us unique is the energy of our space, our curation and our tasting room. Flask & Field is meant to be experienced. We want you to feel something when you walk through the doors and we want you to find something that you’ve never seen before.”

Just five months in, Miriam is already growing her team. Two full-time and two part-time employees help Miriam realize her vision. Miriam appreciates the importance of investing in her employees so they can help create the intended experience for their customers.

“My goal right now is to make my business the best it can be and to become a stronger leader and manager. I want my team to feel challenged, inspired and supported in whatever their life goals are outside of Flask & Field.”

While the focus is currently the LA and online stores, Miriam is keeping an eye towards growth in the future.

“I’d love to open more stores. I’m eyeing San Francisco. Everyone tells me how difficult it is to open a business there, so it would be a fun challenge.”

But, Miriam doesn’t shy away from a challenge. In fact, many discouraged her from leaving her steady job and opening Flask & Field.

“Before this business, I had never worked in wine or retail and I’m a minority female. A lot of people told me to keep my day job. You have to believe in yourself and fully commit to your vision. There is no other point to being here.”

“I just always try to learn from my mistakes and there are many.”

Flask & Field was an idea swirling in Miriam’s head for about three years. Although her dream has only been a reality for about five months, Miriam is all positive when describing her entrepreneurial journey.

“Everything about my business is rewarding: connecting with our customers, expressing myself creatively, tasting and learning about new wines, beers and spirits, interacting with my staff, discovering fun new products, traveling, feeling a sense of community and friendship with other business owners, bonding with my employees. All of it. If I’m having a tough day, it’s because I’m focusing on myself too much or being self-important. The most important contribution you can make in this world is to be happy and spread happiness to everyone around you. Get to work!”

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