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How to Increase Your Email Click Rate

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Wondering why your online marketing campaign isn’t garnering the desired results in terms of return on investment? If your campaign includes email, you may want to take a look at your email click rate.

Those who are new to the email marketing world may not know the difference between a click rate and an open rate. An open rate refers to the percentage of people who open an email sent by your business; however, it does not tell you the degree, if any, to which users interacted with the message. On the other hand, a click rate describes the number of people who take the time to click on a link in your message. Understanding how to enhance your click rate is crucial to improving the success of your email marketing campaign.

1. Make Sure Your Emails Get Opened 

No matter how well-crafted your business’ messages are, it won’t help if no one opens your emails. Before taking steps to improve click rates, marketers should check to make sure their open rates are strong. One of the most important things to do is create an intriguing subject line that makes viewers want to know more. Most people receive dozens if not hundreds of emails every day, and you want to make sure that yours stand out. It’s also essential to keep subject lines brief, as long ones won’t be visible on many mobile devices. Businesses should also make sure to identify themselves clearly: use the company name, the sender’s name or both, and people will be more likely to read on.

2. Utilize Mobile-Friendly Layouts

Looking to improve click rates for your email marketing campaign? Make sure your messages are easily viewable on a mobile device. According to a recentarticle, mobile traffic in 2012 was an astonishing 12-times greater than the entire internet traffic from the year 2000. Clearly, mobile usage is taking off, and it’s important that your business does not get left behind. To make sure people can view your emails easily from their cell phones, use responsive designs that will adjust to screen size and layout. Additionally, businesses need to account for the fact that mobile users “click” with their fingers instead of mice or tracking balls. As a result, links, buttons and other calls to action need to be big enough for the finger to click with ease.

3. Incorporate Social Sharing Buttons

Want to boost your click rate while taking advantage of social media? Studies show that incorporating social media buttons into your emails make readers more likely to share intriguing content with friends and family. Although a reader may not want to utilize your promotion, he or she could know someone who would be interested in your product or service. According to a recentstudy, including 3 or more social media buttons in email marketing efforts improved click rates by up to 55%. Despite the obvious benefits, many marketers still aren’t taking advantage of this strategy. Try incorporating social sharing into your messages, and reap the rewards over your competition.

4.  Engage Readers With Humor and Visuals 

Most businesspeople are well-aware of the fact that humor is a useful marketing tool, and it is well-known that visuals can drive user action almost as effectively as good copy. As such, if you aren’t incorporating amusing and visually driven content into your email marketing campaign, you may be missing out on valuable clicks. Consider targeting those contacts that haven’t responded to more traditional marketing with humorous photos, videos, infographics and anecdotes. While humor can be incredibly effective, it is also hard to master, and the wrong kind of humor can instead turn out to be incredibly detrimental. Utilize jokes and visuals that are relevant and appropriate for your audience, and stay away from anything that might offend your customers.

5. Do Your Keyword Research

No matter how amusing your emails are or how attractive they look on a mobile screen, your marketing campaign will likely be unsuccessful if the content isn’t relevant to your target audience. If you aren’t achieving a great click rate, consider doing some keyword research to determine if you’re writing about the right subject matter. Google AdWords is a great free tool for finding keywords and phrases that will resonate with your audience. You can also take advantage of Google Trends, which shows marketers a selection of that day’s most popular search terms.

You can then use this research to find out what drives your target audience to action. If your market is relatively large, consider segmenting your list and personalizing the messages. For example, if you sell an organizational app, your biggest markets may be students, professionals and busy parents. It will be difficult to craft a single subject line and body message that’ll intrigue all of these targets, so segmenting your list and crafting personalized messages for each group should go a long way to increasing both opens and clicks.

Taking steps to increase email click rates is important to the overall success of your email marketing campaign. Companies that do it well know how to create content that is both interesting and effective, as well as incorporate the right engagement tools in order to get their readers to want to click on an email’s links. By utilizing some of these tips, you too can become a master of email marketing.

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