Debunking Hiring Myths [VIDEO]

by QuickBooks

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When you start down the path of hiring a new employee, you’ll find the advice comes fast and furious. What’s true, and what’s just a myth? In the next installment of our our video series from Intuit Online Payroll, Rhonda Abrams demystifies the process by debunking common myths about hiring.


Rhonda Abrams: OK, so you know it’s time to hire, your business needs to grow, and you’re ready to take that next step. But you’re sitting around the coffee shop, and you’re telling people you’re about to hire your first employee, and they’re telling you all the terrible things that are going to happen to you.

Because, in fact, there are a lot of myths about hiring and about being an employer, and I’m here to debunk some of those hiring myths. Let’s take a look and some of them and what the truth is behind them.

All right, the first thing you’re going to hear is that it costs too much. Well, of course, hiring people does cost something. But if you plan right, your business is actually going to make more money. That’s the goal of hiring, after all.

The second myth is that you don’t have enough money saved. But remember, you can start small. You don’t have to have a full-time employee, certainly not from the beginning. You can start like me. I started with someone for 10 hours a week at $10 an hour. But boy, did that help me grow my business.

OK, what about space? One common myth that holds people back from hiring is that they don’t have an office yet or a large enough office to accommodate employees. But I hired someone and they worked at my kitchen table. And remember, many employees can work from their home most of the time, their own home.

OK, how about all that paperwork? And this is something you’re going to hear from others, but there’s living in the past. Once upon a time, there was a tremendous amount of paperwork handling payroll employees. But so much of that has changed. There are new services like online payroll services that make this a lot, lot easier and get rid of the paperwork.

All right, how about the time it takes up? Many people are afraid to hire their first employees because it will take their time away from their business. And it’s true. At first, it will take some time for training and some time away from the work you do. But the goal here is to give you more time and with the right training, and the right person, you’ll have much more time to do the things that make you more money.

Finally, people may tell you that with all the employment laws, it’s just too complicated to have employees. But remember, most of the laws are things that you can do, rather than things that you must do. There are relatively few employment laws that you have to learn and follow, and even there, some online services and other services can help you figure these things out.

The truth is, it’s easier than ever to hire employees.

OK, remember it is possible to grow your business through hiring. I’ve grown mine and you can, too, and to get more help with understanding the ins and outs of hiring employees, you can get a free copy of my new book, “Hire Your First Employee”, compliments of Intuit. Just go to

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