In the Trenches: Hired

by Brett Snyder

1 min read

How long have I been talking about hiring someone on this blog? It’s been at least a year if not more. Well, the day has finally arrived. On Monday of this week, my first employee started work. I’m now officially a job creator. Part of the economic engine. That’s kind of cool. Maybe “Brett the Concierge” can be this election season’s “Joe the Plumber” media darling!

Considering all the prep work I had done, the actual hiring itself was somewhat anticlimactic. Still, I was amazed at the amount of paper that I had accumulated to give to my new hire before he could even start.

First up, we had the government forms. I needed to get his W-4 for tax withholding purposes. I promptly sent that off to my payroll provider and filed it away. (Paying for payroll to be handled for me was a great move.) Then I got his I-9 along with proof from him to make sure that he was legal to work in this country. By law that has to be filed in a different physical location. Sheesh.

I sent him the offer letter, which he had to sign. I also gave him our new employee handbook, which he had to sign acknowledging he had received. Lastly, I had to send a new, fun-filled waste of time called the State of California “we don’t want you to hire people so we’ll make life even more difficult” form. (Actually, it’s called the Notice to Employee under Labor Code section 2810.5, but that doesn’t sound nearly as sexy.)

This form simply rehashes what should be in a proper offer letter but it includes things like the name and policy number of the firm’s workers comp insurance. This also has to be provided at the time of hire to every single new employee in the State of California. Yet another hoop to jump through, but jump I did.

Everything was signed, and now we’re in business. He started training on Monday, and hopefully he’ll be able to ramp up quickly to help us grow.

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