In the Trenches: Incorporating Exercise Into the Workday

by Brett Snyder

1 min read

I’m going to talk about exercise this week because, as a small-business owner who works from home, I’ve struggled for years to fit it into my schedule.

Back when I held down a traditional job, I found it relatively easy to set time aside to exercise. My office was across the street from a gym, and I worked out during lunch. The best part was that a couple of other guys went with me, so even when I wasn’t motivated, I had others to push me.

After I was laid off, I started my own business. At first, I had very little to do, so it was easy to motivate myself to exercise. I had an elliptical machine at home, and I used it most days. But then kids came along. All of a sudden, the elliptical had no place in the house.

Then Cranky Concierge started to take off, and my time became more valuable. Exercise started to fall by the wayside. At one point, I hired a personal trainer to keep me on a schedule. But trainers are expensive, and with a growing family, it was hard to justify paying someone to yell at me to exercise.

Now I’m so incredibly busy at work that I find it hard to fit exercise into my schedule. We belong to a gym, but it takes time not only to work out, but also to put on the gear and drive over there. Something else almost always gets higher priority.

I realize that exercise is important, but I struggle to stay motivated. It just seems like there’s never enough time. What works best for you? Any tips?

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