Why Your Business Needs a Freelance Writer

by Angie Mohr

1 min read

Almost every small business needs marketing and promotional content for digital (websites, social media, email newsletters) and printed (pamphlets, flyers, banners) materials. Entrepreneurs with young companies often try to save money by writing all of this content themselves; however, as your operation grows, you may no longer have time to do so. Hiring an experienced freelance writer can benefit your business in several ways.

  • You’ll save time. Existing and potential customers look for up-to-date information from you on your website, email blasts, or blog. It’s not about the hard sell. It’s about connecting with people and demonstrating expertise in your industry. Writing new, quality material can take a significant amount of your time, especially if you don’t write on a regular basis. A freelance writer can help you keep up with your customers and can even suggest topics and themes to write about. What’s more, with the task of writing off your plate, you’ll be able to focus on the parts of the business that you do best.
  • You’ll look more professional. Few things are more damaging to a business than putting out information riddled with errors. You may think that in the era of Twitter, spelling and grammar are not a big deal and that people will overlook your imperfections. The truth is that potential customers make judgments about your business long before they choose either you or a competitor. Poor writing is often viewed as sloppiness, which can lead prospects to assume that you are sloppy in other areas of your business, too. A good freelance writer has the skills and the tools to ensure that your message gets out with all of the i’s dotted and t’s crossed.
  • You’ll get a fresh perspective. Freelance writers typically deal with many companies, corporate cultures, and marketing messages. As a small-business owner, you are a single voice and, if you’ve been writing your own promotional material for some time, your loyal customers have likely heard it all before. A professional writer can bring new energy to your messages and find new ways to express them. A fresh voice can make your products or services more enticing and prompt customers to pay more attention, all of which can increase your bottom line.

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