VIDEO: How to Find, Pitch and Land Venture Capital Investors

by QuickBooks

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Obtaining venture capital funding puts your business on the path to growth and success. However, receiving funding won’t come easy, and you’ll need to consider several important factors before pitching VCs.

Vincent Bradley, CEO and co-founder of FlashFunders, explains how to successfully land venture capital, including when to pursue venture capital, the length of time it takes to close a deal and the psychological aspect of pitching.

Not every business is suited for venture capital, but there are several other funding sources. If you just opened up shop, friends and family are often the first source you’ll turn to. If you’re past the friends and family stage but not quite ready for venture capital, angel investors might be your ideal source.

On the other hand, if your business doesn’t require outside investment, see how to bootstrap your way to success from operating revenues and personal finances.

For more tips on pitching to investors, see our tutorial on creating a pitch deck or download our free e-book, The Complete Guide to Equity Financing.

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